Murder weapons are killing tools found in each case of Criminal Case.  They are used by the killers to (sometimes unintentionally) slay their victims.

List of Murder WeaponsEdit

Murder Weapons in GrimsboroughEdit

The following is a list of these murder weapons found in Grimsborough:

Case Weapon Location Image
The Death of Rosa Wolf Bloody Knife Roadside
Bloody Knife 1
Corpse in a Garden Bloody Saw Dirty Bathroom
Bloody Saw
The Grim Butcher Bloody Cleaver Warehouse
Bloody Cleaver
The Dockyard Killer Pocket Knife Garbage Bin
Pocket Knife 1
A Russian Case Meat Tenderizer Sewers Conduit
Meat Tenderizer
Good Cop Dead Cop Police Gun Riverbed
Police Gun
Death by Crucifixion Screw Gun Workbench
Screw Gun
Beautiful No More Hammer Delivery Crates
Burned to the Bone Gasoline Autopsy Result
Under the Knife Candlestick Pew
Into the Vipers' Nest Glass Bottle Discovered by One-Tooth-Sam
Glass Bottle
Blood on the Trading Floor Samurai Sword Discovered by Brooke Chase
Samurai Sword
Bomb Alert on Grimsborough Bomb Autopsy Result
Fashion Victom Hanger Main Hallway
Family Blood Baseball Bat Backyard
Baseball Bat
The Kiss of Death Defenestration David Jones and the player witness the victim's defenestration
The Last Supper Poison Autopsy Result
In the Dead of Night Crossbow Cooper Park Fountain
Innocence Lost Concrete Mixer Construction Site
Concrete Mixer
A Deadly Game Iron Maiden Torture Table
Iron Maiden
The Secret Experiments Syringe Operating Table
Syringe 1
To Die or Not To Die Sandbag Grimsborough Theater
The Final Journey Ultimum Viaticum Greenhouse
Ultimum Viaticum
Anatomy of a Murder Skinning Knife Exhibit Display
Skinning Knife
The Ghost of Grimsborough Neurotoxin Ampoule Workshop Window
Neurotoxin Ampoule
The Summoning Bloody Knife Grimsborough Cemetery
Bloody Knife 2
The Lake's Bride Drowning Autopsy Result
Drowning 1
The Haunting of Elm Manor Chandelier Haunted House
No Smoke Without Fire Knife Hunter's Table
The Wollcrafts' Creature Experimental Machine Garage Laboratory
Experimental Machine
Dog Eat Dog Cupcake Autopsy Result
Murder on Campus Ants College Grounds
Killing Me Softly Rat Poison Autopsy Result
Rat Poison
Dead Man Running Erythropoietin Autopsy Result
At the End of the Rope Rope Library
The Devil's Playground Pitchfork Kissing Spot
The Reaper and The Geek Pushed to Death David Jones and the player, after inspecting a torn poster on the upper floor, deduce that the victim fell to his death.
Pushed to Death
Spring Break Massacre Piranha Beach Lake
Marked for Death Paper Knife Dean's Desk
Paper Knife
An Elementary Murder Child's Scissors Little Girl's Desk
Child's Scissors
The Rorschach Reaper Rigged Tiara Prom Ball
Rigged Tiara
Blood and Glory Razor Blades Garden Party
Razor Blades
Troubled Waters Rotors Autopsy Result
The Scent of Death Pantyhose Autopsy Result
A Shot of Beauty Syringe Swimming Pool
Syringe 2
Drive, Swing, Die Golf Ball Autopsy Result
Golf Ball
One Wedding and a Funeral Fake Deicing Fluid Plane Hangar
Fake Deicing Fluid
Good Girls Don't Die Hair Removal Laser Zen Corner
Hair Removal Laser
All the King's Horses Horse Stables
Snakes on the Stage Giant Boa Dressing Room
Giant Boa
It All Ends Here Handgun Election Podium
A Brave New World Oyster Knife Water's Edge
Oyster Knife
Burying the Hatchet Replica Indian Hatchet Gas Station Shop
Replica Indian Hatchet
The Poisoned Truth Dart Autopsy Result
Ashes to Ashes Bonfire Ship Replica
There Will Be Blood Dagger Wagon Rail
Dagger 1

Murder Weapons in Pacific BayEdit

The following is a list of these murder weapons found in Pacific Bay:

Case Weapon Location Image
Shark Attack Shark Seaside
Death on Wheels Street Racing Car Car Crash
Street Racing Car
What Dies Beneath Drowning Confirmed by Roxie Sparks, Hannah Choi, and Yann Toussaint
Drowning 2
Dead Girl Rolling Energy Drink Autopsy Result
Energy Drink
The Ice Queen Liquid Nitrogen Campfire
Liquid Nitrogen
Bayou Blood BBQ Skewer Indoor Tables
BBQ Skewer
Easy Prey Hunting Rifle Bedroom
Hunting Rifle
The Root of All Evil Carnivorous Plant Forest
Carnivorous Plant
Death by Moonshine Axe Bar Tables
Smoke and Mirrors Strangulation Autopsy Result
Heartless Chinese Dagger Shop Stand
Chinese Dagger
Payback Pocket Knife Railway
Pocket Knife 2
Eastern Promises Cupid's Arrow Reception Room
Cupid's Arrow
Spineless Helium Can Parade Float
Helium Can
Murder-Go-Round Blood Thinner Autopsy Result
Blood Thinner
Killing Time Clock Station Terminal
Under the Skin Scalpel Discovered by Sue Xiong
Scalpel 1
After the Storm Electric Turkey Carver Concert Venue
Electric Turkey Carver
Cloudy with a Chance of Murder Weed Whacker Courtyard
Weed Whacker
Open Wounds Cannonball Reenactment Battlefield
Under the Thunderdome Weather Vane Evacuation Center
Weather Vane
Of Rats and Men Rats Abandoned Theater
The Eye of the Storm Electrocution Autopsy Result
Hanging by a Thread Saw Boiler
Saw 1
Leap of Death Wire Ski Jump Landing
Hearts of Ice Ice Skate Autopsy Result
Ice Skate
Into the Woods Timber Mill Saw Timber Mill
Timber Mill Saw
The Hunger Planes Rotisserie Autopsy Result
The White Peaks Project Tree Branches Deep Woods
Tree Branches
The End of the Night Icicle Night Walker's Lair
The Young and The Lifeless Razor Blade City Viewing Point
Razor Blade
Once Upon a Crime Glass Debris Movie Set
Glass Debris
Wild Wild Death Horses Autopsy Result
Murdertown Antique Dagger Movie Set
Antique Dagger
Star Crime Acid Spaceship Set
Deadly Legacy Lion Symphony Room
The Ship of Dreams Flare Gun Movie Set
Flare Gun
Dead Carpet Poisoned Cigarette Control Panels
Poisoned Cigarette
Road to Nowhere Cactus Route 76
Temple of Doom Bloody Dagger Excavated Ruins
Bloody Dagger
The Seeds of Death Vulture Drilling Site
Crystal Death Machete Lab Table
Dead Space Laser Gun War Room
Laser Gun
The Ties That Bind Molotov Cocktail Access Ramp
Molotov Cocktail
No Place Like Home Scalpel Barricade
Scalpel 2
Smart Money Money Convention Room
Uncivil Rights Car Crusher Robot Graveyard
Car Crusher
Blood in the Blender Saw Bar Booth
Saw 2
Immortal Sin Jellyfish Aqua Laboratory
Programmed to Kill Nanobots Autopsy Result
Killer Takes All Croupier Stick Main Avenue
Croupier Stick
Death at the Circus Silk Rope Circus
Silk Rope
Death by Martini Giant Martini Stick Strip Club
Giant Martini Stick
Blood Diamond Throwing Knives Autopsy Result
Throwing Knives
No Honor Among Thieves Gas Mask Vault
Gas Mask
A Killer Among Us Stun Gun Crashed Cop Car
Stun Gun
Into the Wastes Radiation Autopsy Result
The Sting of Death Scorpion Secret Headquarters
The Final Countdown .22 Caliber Pistol Virtual Park Bench
.22 Caliber Pistol

Murder Weapons in World EditionEdit

The following is a list of these murder weapons found in World Edition:

Case Weapon Location Image
God Save the Prince Phone Booth Westminster Lane
Phone Booth
Off With Their Heads Guillotine Hall of Mirrors
Auf Wieder-Slain Clock Puppet Pole Village Square
Clock Puppet Pole
Murder's Cheap Dagger Oracle's Cave
Dagger 2
When Shadows Fall Branding Iron Fountain
Branding Iron
The Impossible Dream Bronze Bull Autopsy Result
Bronze Bull
Murder By Proxy Poisoned Dart Docks
Poisoned Dart
Death in the Desert Rope Autopsy Result
Rope 2
Killing Spring Service Rifle Oasis Shore
Service Rifle
I Spy a Mummy Metal Hook Autopsy Result
Metal Hook
The Parting Shot Pistol The Slums
Die by the Sword Sword Bombed Street
Moscow Mole Vodka Bottle Christmas Market
Vodka Bottle
Only Truth Remains Brass Pestle Forensic Analysis
Brass Pestle
O Deadly Night Ice Bullet Ballistic Analysis
Ice Bullet
Fast Track to Murder Hanging Autopsy Result
Horseback Mountain Saber Genghis Khan Statue
Countdown to Murder Laser Torch Autopsy Result
Laser Torch
Bad Medicine Morphine Autopsy Result
Treacherous Waters Gun Museum Entrance
Plagued by Death Man-Made Virus Confirmed by Angela Douglas and Lars Douglas
Man-Made Virus
Bloodywood Dandiya Sticks Palace Gardens
Dandiya Sticks
Peace and Dead Quiet Ax Prayer Wheel
Insides Out Ritual Dagger Cave Floor
Ritual Dagger
The Killer in the Rice Sickle Farmer Cart
Dead in the Water Jade Vase Sichuan Restaurant
Jade Vase
A Twist of Fate Plastic Bag Great Wall
Plastic Bag
Oh! Crazy Kill! Ice Pick Karaoke Couch
Ice Pick
A Death Wish Gun Arcade Machines
Gun 2
The Murder Games Crossbow Overturned Desks
Crossbow 2
Death Match Mongkol Ayutthaya Ruins
A Stab in the Dark Parang Bay Gardens
The Sweet Escape Speargun Moored Boat
Speak, Friend, Die Maripi Hot Pool
Six Feet Down Under Gun The Shipwreck
Gun 3
Out of the Blue Syringe Autopsy Result
Syringe 3
Crash and Burn Hunting Knife Lake Shacks
Hunting Knife
The Circle of Death Arrow Savanna
Kicking the Bucket Drowning Autopsy Result
Drowning 3
Diamond in the Rough Drill Bit Diamond Mine
Drill Bit
Going the Distance Snake Repair Station
In Plain Sight Gun Bunk Beds
Gun 4
Ice Rage Paddle Penguin Research Center
Murder, He Wrote Facón Mountains
Shadow Nation Sniper Rifle Air Vents
Sniper Rifle
Total Eclipse of the Heart Tumi Autopsy Result
Cheaters Never Win Ayahuasca Autopsy Result
The King's Shadow Bell Autopsy Result
Day of the Dead Piñata Bat Storage Facility
Pinata Bat
Up in Smoke Explosives Autopsy Result
Lifeless in Seattle Pocket Knife Bus Interior
Pocket Knife 3
Double Trouble Remote Sniper Rifle Cargo Shipdeck
Remote Sniper Rifle
Politically Incorrect Hunting Rifle Picnic Table
Hunting Rifle 2
Operation Spyfall Knife Control Unit
Knife 2
Down to the Wire Garrote Watch Terrace Garden
Garrote Watch
The Darkest Hour Letter Opener Times Square
Letter Opener

Murder Weapons in Mysteries of the PastEdit

The following is a list of these murder weapons found in Mysteries of the Past:

Case Weapon Location Image
Welcome to Concordia Arsenic Tavern Chairs
Slash and Burn Switchblade Market Street
In the Line of Fire Revolver Police Desks
A Murder Carol Brass Tap Card Tables
Brass Tap
Shear Murder Garden Shears Greenhouse Garden
Garden Shears
In the Name of the Father Gun Immigrant Tenement
Gun 5
Let Me Down Gently Defenestration Autopsy Result
Defenestration 2
The Talking Dead Obsidian Knife Sitting Area
Obsidian Knife
Sweet Revenge Chocolometer 1000 Production Line
Chocolometer 1000
Let Her Eat Cake Cyanide Autopsy Result
That Sinking Feeling Ice Block Autopsy Result
Ice Block
Behind the Mask Champagne Saber Grand Hall
Champagne Saber
Breaking the Glass Ceiling Glass Pane Crystal Palace Interior
Glass Pane
Checkmate Propulsion Device Exhibition Entrance
Propulsion Device
Out of Steam Steam-Powered Shotgun Hot Air Balloon
Steam-Powered Shotgun
Monkey Business Chironex Fleckeri Autopsy Result
Chironex Fleckeri
Electrical Hazard Electric Charge Weapon Inventor's Hall
Electric Charge Weapon
The Higher You Rise Pushed Autopsy Result
Sinners and Saints Brass Knuckles Fight Club Stalls
Brass Knuckles
Eyes Wide Shut Candlestick Holder Autopsy Result
Candlestick Holder
Blue Blazes Immolation Autopsy Result
Overkill Belladonna Autopsy Result
Death is a Cabaret Curved Knife Metro Wagon
Curved Knife
Slayer's End Curtain String Scarlet Slayer's Hideout
Curtain String
Death Without Parole Iron Bar Mine
Iron Bar
Giving Up the Ghost Rope Autopsy Result
Rope 3
Little Murder on the Prairie Pitchfork Galls' House
Pitchfork 2
3:10 to Death Bow Hideout
Blood Bath Broken Bottle Porch
Broken Bottle
How the East Was Won Cactus Autopsy Result
Cactus 2
Bridge Over Troubled Water Butcher Knife Overturned Cart
Butcher Knife
Civil Blood Flag Garland Autopsy Result
Flag Garland
Hold Your Tongue Adze Shipyard Storage
Stick to Your Guns Handgun Disused Baths
Handgun 2
Burning Bridges Machete Bridge Wreckage
Machete 2
In Love and War Standing Ashtray Station Benches
Standing Ashtray
Death Comes to Lunch Poisonous Plant Autopsy Result
Poisonous Plant
Stockbroken Dagger Stock Exchange Hall
Dagger 3
Apprehend Me If You're Able Handgun Park Fountain
Handgun 3
Get Off Your High Horse Stirrup Head Table
Talk of the Town Sulfuric Acid Autopsy Result
Sulfuric Acid
The Heart of the Matter Rope Party Table
Rope 4
The Witching Hour Drowning Autopsy Result
Drowning 4
Graveyard Shift Blood Pump Graveyard Path
Blood Pump
Doctor, Interrupted Electroshock Autopsy Result
Turn for the Worse Throwing Knife Autopsy Result
Throwing Knife
Doom Service Fright Autopsy Result
Unsafe Haven Besson .32 Revolver Asylum Basement
Besson .32 Revolver
The Machiavellian Candidate Poison Autopsy Result
Poison 2
The Swan Song Stained Glass Lamp Cafe Tables
Stained Glass Lamp
Tipping the Scales Handsaw Warehouse Corner
A Study in Pink Defenestration Autopsy Result
Defenestration 3
A Family Affair Letter Opener Autopsy Result
Letter Opener 2
Arrow of Injustice Crossbow Rooftop Cafe
Crossbow 3